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Whether you join to learn more in our classes, or you’d like to take a bigger role by participating with others in one of our preparedness departments, we need you. Learn a little, and give back to others, we all learn together.

Whether you live in one of our larger cities like Logan, Smithfield, or Hyrum, or if you live in a smaller town like Hyde Park, Richmond, Mendon, Cove, Trenton, or any of the many others, we will need to work together during an emergency. Join us and be part of the solution.



Charge Forward

Learn now while there is still time. Help others when it is needed most.

The time to prepare is now, before the next disaster. Learning a few skills now will greatly improve your life and the lives of those around you when a challenge comes.

  • Medical Training
  • Preparedness Skills
  • Civil Defense


Our Classes

We cover a variety of topics in our Emergency Preparedness Classes.

  1. Planning
      • Information Gathering
  2. Operations
      • Medical
      • Security
      • Communications
      • Safety
      • Health
      • Sanitation
  3. Logistics
      • Shelter
      • Transportation
      • Armory
      • Gardening
      • Husbandry
      • Food Storage/Canning
      • Cooking
      • Water
      • Power
      • Equipment/Tools
      • Clothing
  4. Finance
      • Commerce
      • Budgets
      • Money


What We Can Do For You

If you are asking this, then you probably aren’t going to be interested in our organization. We are more about what you can do for your community. However, if you’d like to learn from us, we would be happy to teach you. So join us for a class and we will help you get better prepared for an emergency here in Cache Valley.


Join us for a class. We hold classes about twice a month. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.


Want to come and see some demonstrations, products or more, join us during one of our preparedness fairs.


Join our 10 week CERT training and get certified to help out in an emergency. However, this is just a starting point for most of us.


Join our annual campout where we have a cookoff, product demostrations, community dinner, and more.

From Our Founder

Be Part of the Solution

Emergencies happen, all the time. Getting a little training now, while the sun is still shining (referring to the next disaster) will help you be part of the solution, and not end up being one more person that needs help to survive. So join us in learning the skills, setting up the plans, and serving the community. If the next disaster is the big one, we want to join together as a community and beat it. If it’s something small, then this will make it a breeze instead of a tornado.



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